How to Deal With Urine Contamination

How to Deal With Urine Contamination

All homes have experienced that bad odour from pet or even human urine found in their carpet or upholstery. This is an accident that can be caused by age (infants or the elderly) or an illness. A weak bladder can also cause a person to urinate involuntarily. When someone living with you urinates without control or you have a pet at home, you need to keep an eye out for urine stains and odour on your carpet.

How to Deal With Urine Contamination

What you can do

Even if your pets are lovable and have been living with you ever since they were little, they can still have accidents on your carpet. Pets that are properly house trained can accidentally urinate on your carpet, too. They don’t choose the areas they pee on and if unluckily they pee on the carpet, then that will cause a stain and odour on your carpet. Sometimes you won’t even smell an odour right away which makes the stain harder to find.

You need to have the carpet scanned if you have this kind of situation often because there is a chance that urine stains and odours will accumulate in your carpet over time. The stains need to be located right away because they can cause discoloration on the carpet. Older stains are harder to remove and it might even be too late if it goes undetected for a long period. If it’s already an extreme case, your carpet will need to be lifted because the urine will easily penetrate the inside of the carpet fibres and can also affect the floor boards under the carpet. Locating the stain is the first step to successful stain removal.

Special UV detection amplifiers

A special UV detection amplifier can be used to find carpet stains that cannot be seen easily. The room should be dark for the tool to work. The salts in the urine become fluorescent which is why they can easily be detected by UV detection amplifiers. If they can be detected, they can be removed and your upholstery will be clean, free of bacteria, and viruses.

If you have a pet or someone at home who has a weak bladder and cannot contain their urine, you need to have the carpet checked for stains and odours regularly. Do not let it just sit there and wait until it gets worse. You need to have professionals deal with the problem to make sure that no odour or stain will be left on the carpet. This can affect the comfort in your home environment. We at Bond Cleaning Australia can deal with these kinds of problems, which is why you need to call us up right away if you notice something on your carpet or upholstery. Set your appointment today and solve your carpet odour and stain removal problems.


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