How To Get Rid Of Mud Stains On Your Carpet

How To Get Rid Of Mud Stains On Your Carpet

Carpets have become the top choice for every homeowner’s option for house flooring. They don’t just bring an attractive appearance to your house; they also provide warmth and comfort. It is often an expensive investment to get for the home. However, during the winter months and rainy season, keeping your carpet looking fresh and clean is quite a challenge. There are many potentials problems that could ruin the appearance of your gorgeous carpet. One good example is mud stains.

How To Get Rid Of Mud Stains On Your Carpet

Carpet mud stains come from different sources such as:

  • Your shoes. They may carry all kinds of dirt coming from the great outdoors including mud and soil particles. Even though there’s a mat at the entrance, mud can sneak in through the soles of your shoes.
  • Your pet. He will usually have dirty paws and feet after playing, running or walking around in the mud outside your home.
  • A friend or family visiting you.
  • Your child. You didn’t notice your kid go outside to play and he came back with mud tracks all over the carpet.

No matter how the mud tracks got in your carpet, what’s important now is to get it out. Here’s the basic stain removal method for mud stains:

  • Let the mud dry. Why, you say? When it gets dry, it will be easier to remove from the carpet. It also helps keep the mud from going deeper in the fibres.
  • After the mud has dried, remove as much of the mud particles as possible with a brush. Gently brush the particles until they loosen from the fibre.
  • Vacuum the loose mud particles from the carpet fibres.
  • When the dried mud is removed from the carpet, it’s now time to deal with the stain it left behind. With a mixture of one teaspoon mild dishwashing detergent and a cup of warm water, moisten a clean cloth and blot it onto the affected area until the stain is gone.
  • Get a paper towel or a clean cloth to blot the area dry.

When you’ve done everything you could and the stain is still there, call a professional carpet cleaning and stain removal service like Bond Cleaning Australia. We are experts in dealing with difficult stains and keeping your carpet clean and beautiful.


CC Image Courtesy of Keith Hall on Flickr