How To Prepare For Us

Our bond cleaning technicians are well-trained and experienced on different cleaning methods, the latest equipment, and the most effective products.  They will thoroughly clean your property to make certain your entire bond deposit is returned to you.  At the same time, we will need your cooperation to ensure the bond clean is successful:

  Outline all details on what needs to be cleaned

Some areas might be stained or dirtier than usual and those will need more time from the technicians, which means additional charges.  As much as possible, we need you to clearly describe the condition of each area of your property so our customer service representatives can advise you accordingly on any extra services you may need.  If there are certain tasks you would be happy to do yourself, we can also adjust and deduct those from your package.

  Property should be cleared of all personal possessions and rubbish

All personal stuff and furniture must be removed from the property before our arrival.  Any trash and items you don’t want to take with you should be disposed of.  We will also need to know if the property is furnished.

how to prepare for us Fixture Repairs and Maintenance

Any damaged fixtures on the property should be replaced or repaired.  Light bulbs must be changed, missing screws replaced, loose doorknobs and hinges fixed and tightened.

 Unobstructed Access

The cleaning technicians should have free and unhindered access to all areas of the property.

 Electricity and hot water

Power and hot water need to be available on the day of the clean to maximize the cleaning power of our equipment and solutions, and to increase efficiency.

 Other services we can also do for you

There are other tasks that are not part of the bond cleaning service checklist but we would be willing to do for you at an extra charge:

 ✓ Cleaning external windows

✓ Cleaning outside areas

✓ Washing walls

✓ Pest control

✓ Flea treatment if you have any pets

✓ Carpet cleaning

✓ Upholstery cleaning

✓ Curtain/ Blind Cleaning

✓ Cleaning of ceilings