How To Re-Use Old Carpets

How To Re-Use Old Carpets

So you just had an upgrade done to your home and you changed your carpet to suit your new style. You finally have the dream colour and design of your home. But what do you do with your old carpet? So often, we just quickly throw away old carpets. But did you know that carpets take a long time to decompose which could be a problem to the environment later on? Before tossing those old carpets out, think of other ways to re- use them and help protect the environment.

How To Re-Use Old Carpets

–  Give them away

If the carpet is in good condition, donate them to a charity. You will be surprised at how some people can make good use of your old carpet. A new carpet comes with a high price tag so your donated carpet would be a great help for those who are on a tight budget. Old rugs and carpets can still keep their floors warm.

–  Find other uses for them

After instaling the new carpet in your living room, maybe you can transfer the old one to your attic, showroom or workspace. Find numerous ways to use it for other home projects such as:

  • A cushion when you’re gardening
  • To minimise the noise of your laundry machines and dryer by placing the carpet underneath
  • As car mats for cheap comfort
  • To prevent scratched flooring when moving heavy furniture
  • To keep your floors dry by placing carpet scraps under your indoor plants

–  Turn them over to recycling centres

Do some research in your area and look for a recycling centre near you. Recycled carpets are being used to produce new carpets, carpet padding and rugs.

Keep your carpets well-maintained and in good condition with professional carpet cleaning. Hire a professional carpet cleaning company like Bond Cleaning Australia at least once a year to remove stains, odours and keep your carpet fresh and clean.


CC Image Courtesy of Edward Simpson on Flickr