How To Test If Your Carpet Is Colourfast

How To Test If Your Carpet Is Colourfast

There are several types of carpets and a cleaning method that might have been effective on one carpet might not work so well on another. There are even times when you can make the situation even worse due to lack of knowledge, incorrect methods or harsh cleaning solutions.  Scrubbing can also cause permanent damage, making the stain go deeper into the fibres of the carpet, which is why blotting is the only recommended way to remove carpet stains.

How To Test If Your Carpet Is Colourfast

Colourfast test

Sometimes people make the mistake of using a cleaning solution that causes the dye of the carpet to bleed and the stain to spread. Something like this can be prevented from happening by applying the solution on a small area of the carpet first before proceeding. This is actually a way to test if the carpet you have is colourfast or not. The ones that are colourfast will not experience negative effects when subjected to cleaning solutions, moisture or light. Their colour will not change even after the application of chemicals.

Where to test

The best thing you can do is to look for some spare carpet you have at home. If not, use an area of the carpet that is inconspicuous and perform the test there. In case your carpet does not turn out to be colourfast, you will not damage a significant area of the carpet. At least, it will only affect a part of the carpet that is not often seen.

How to test

Simply pour small drops of the solution on the area that you chose. Then take a white cloth and hold it on the area for 10 seconds. Observe if the colour has transferred or if you notice any damage. If you see something, choose another solution then test it on your carpet again.

If you think you won’t be able to perform the process properly, contact a carpet cleaning and stain removal company like Bond Cleaning Australia to handle this for you. We have been cleaning carpets and using effective stain removal methods for several years and our clients are happy with our results. We are capable of eliminating different types of stains and even get rid of odour from pet urine. Your carpet will get the care and deep cleaning it needs.

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