Learning More About Carpet Tiles

Learning More About Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles or squares look very modern and trendy and may be used instead of carpet rolls. They can often be seen in commercial areas but are quickly gaining popularity in homes. Read further to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of carpet tiles.

Learning More About Carpet Tiles

Deciding on the type of carpet tile

There are several varieties of carpet tiles to choose from, usually depending on their size, type of fibre and pile.

When picking out which carpet to use for your room, you should imagine it as a whole to have an idea of how it will look and the kind of appeal it will have. Consider the pattern you want to create, and the size and type of tiles you will use. Don’t forget to check the carpet’s warranty from the manufacturer.

Advantages of carpet tiles

Carpet tiles are simpler to install compared to a rolled carpet. They can be placed on different types of flooring so you can add a new look to your room without having to make a lot of changes. Because carpet squares are available in a lot of different colours, you can keep creating new patterns just by moving them around. They don’t require padding or glue either, just place them directly on the clean floor. You can easily remove them when it’s time for carpet cleaning and just put them back when dry. A lot of carpet tiles are resistant to stains which is good if you have children or pets around.

Disadvantages of carpet tiles

Compared to carpets which cover your floor the entire length of the room, the seams of carpet tiles are more visible. They should be installed properly to avoid exposing the seams. Carpet squares should also be kept away from areas where mould can grow, and the floor has to be really clean before you install them. Lastly, carpet rolls are cheaper than carpet tiles.

Where to use carpet tiles

  • Just place them on top of any flooring in your house. If you have areas that need more cosiness, warmth and softness, all you need to do is install the carpet tiles on top of the wood or tile flooring, and you’re done.
  • Carpet tiles are ideal for basements especially when you are in a flood-prone area. They do not easily tear and cleaning them after a flood is easier because you can just peel them off the floor.

Carpet tiles can be placed almost anywhere, are very stylish and can be installed quite easily. If you need to give your home a quick makeover, carpet tiles are all you need. Just like your carpets, don’t forget that your carpet tiles will last longer with professional carpet cleaning. If you’re looking for the best carpet care and maintenance, trust the experts at Bond Cleaning Australia.


CC Image Courtesy of  Iqbal Osman on Flickr