5 Ways To Lessen Allergens, Increase A Home’s Air Quality

Lessening Allergens and Increasing Air Quality In Your Home

A majority of people get exposed to animal dander, dust mites, and cockroaches in the places where they live. These can trigger allergic reactions and cause other problems inside the house.

Size of the allergens

Allergens are the ones responsible for asthma attacks because they travel through the air and then land on the furniture and other surfaces. Their sizes are different, and the measurement used for determining their size is microns. Particles with larger size easily settle and separate themselves from the air. Allergens with larger particles are dust mites, pollen, and cockroach debris and they settle more quickly compared to mould and allergens from animals.

Lessening Allergens and Increasing Air Quality In Your Home

How you can lessen the allergens indoors

1. Pest management – dust mites

Dust mites need to be eliminated by reducing clutter on surfaces and cleaning regularly. The places where you spend only 1/3 of your time are good choices. If you require a carpet in your house, it is better to use low-pile carpets or rugs that are easier to clean.

2. Weekly vacuuming

You need to use a vacuum that has a filter to prevent dust from getting into the air. If you are allergic, wear a protective mask while vacuuming and use a piece of cloth that is damp or wet to clean the dust. It is best to leave the house for a couple of hours right after vacuuming to let all the remaining allergens settle.

Regular vacuuming is a good practice. However, this is not the only cleaning method you need to maintain your carpet.  It is not the same as a deep clean which can remove the dust mites found in carpets and mattresses, so make sure you get professionals to deep clean your carpet at least once every 12 months.

3. Animal dander must be avoided

If someone is allergic to animal dander, they should not have a pet around the house at all, but you can test whether you can still keep a pet or not. Try staying in an area where there used to be a pet because pet dander can linger in the house even after some time. Check if you are having symptoms, and if you’re not, then you might be able to have a pet at home. Just keep the pet from the bedroom and cover the air vents. You should also keep your pet from going near upholstery and furniture.

4. Keep pollen away from your house

Close the doors, windows and any other possible entry points. If the weather is warm, air conditioning is good for bringing down humidity and dust mites.

Stop the growth of mould spores

Keeping the moisture level down in bathrooms, kitchen and other areas where there is a lot of water. Reduce the plants you own at home and fix all leaks.

5. Cockroaches need to be exterminated

Keep food covered in containers.  Garbage bins should always be closed.  Call professionals for pest management services if you suspect a cockroach problem.

Follow these tips and you’ll breathe easier at home.  Your home will look and smell clean, and improve your health.