Making Unpacking Organised and Easy


Your bags and boxes are all there, the movers have left and it’s time to arrange your new home.  The bustle and activity of moving out is done but you haven’t fully moved in yet.  Your next challenge is unpacking and organising your new home.


Here’s what you need to do to make unpacking easier and more efficient:

  1. Unpacking will be a breeze if you packed everything properly.  Looking for the right boxes will be easier if the boxes are labelled and all items that go into one room were placed in the same box.
  2. Check that the entire house is clean before you begin arranging.  Don’t start opening the boxes until you’re sure all the rooms are clean.
  3. Open your essentials box first.  This box, which you pack before the move, should contain everything you need on your first day at your new place, including your inventory list and tools for opening the boxes and assembling furniture or appliances.
  4. A good filling meal can give you the energy you need for the day.  Prepare what you need daily for cooking meals for your family.  Unpack your pot, pans and staples, like food and condiments, and set up your cooking appliances.
  5. Unpack and arrange your towels, toiletries and shower curtain.  A nice bath will feel calm and soothing after spending time cleaning and organising.
  6. Get your bed ready with your pillows and linen, so you can sleep soundly at night especially at the end of a long day.  Expect unpacking and decorating to take several days, even with help from your other family members.
  7. Seeing your clothes in your closet will make you feel more at home.  Organising your clothes is also a good way to keeping your closet orderly all the time.  You can grab and change clothes more quickly.
  8. Open the boxes for one room and finish arranging everything there before going to the next room.
  9. Last on the list. You can take your time and just relax when it comes to the living room, home décor and entertainment.  For other tasks that can wait to be done on other days, just make a list and give yourself a deadline for each task.

Unpacking will take less time and less fuss with these easy-to-follow tips.  Before you know it, you’ll be all settled in and happily adjusting to your new life in your new home.