9 Hacks To Move House Like a Pro

Moving can be a daunting task especially when you have so much stuff to pack and take with you to your new apartment. Packing can take up much of your time.  You need to know how you can make packing more efficient so you won’t forget anything important.

Move House Like a ProHow to move house like a pro

1. Garbage bags are not only for garbage

Since garbage bags can be bought in large sizes, and they are very roomy inside, you can easily use these to pack clothes even in their hangers. You will also have an easier time unpacking your clothes.

2. Toilet paper rolls for your cords

Moving House Hacks

Moving House Hacks

Cords that you use for your cell phone, laptop, radio, and other devices can be organized using toilet paper rolls. All you need to do is take the cords and wrap them around the rolls. This will make it easier for you to unroll when you need to use the cords again.

3. Breakable items can be placed inside shirts

You can save on space and bubble wrap when you do this. Shirts can protect breakable items because they will cushion the items every time the ride gets bumpy.

4. The top is not enough to protect liquid from spilling

Before you pack the bottles of shampoos, toiletries and other liquids, cover the bottles with plastic. This will prevent the liquid from spilling inside your bag because they can still spill even if there is a cover.

5. Label your boxes

You can use colour codes to tell which box contains what. You will know exactly which box to open when you are getting your things. Another thing you can do is to write on the boxes or put labels on them.

6. Your suitcases have a different purpose, too.

If you have any heavy items that you need to transport, putting them in suitcases will make it easier to transport them. Because they have wheels, you can just pull the suitcase along.

7. Improvise a handle for the boxes

If the boxes you are using don’t have handles, just cut a small hole on each side of the box so you can easily lift it. The hole needs to be rectangular or oval.

8. Defrost your fridge

A few days prior to moving out, you need to defrost your fridge so you can easily clean it out. You want to leave your apartment and any furnishings clean and free of unwanted stains, dirt, and gunk.

9. Roll up clothes

Instead of folding your clothes the conventional way, roll them up to save a lot of space in the box.

These are some of the tips you can follow when moving out. Moving can be exhausting, so you need to know how to make things easier for yourself.