Moving Out Carpet Cleaning: Do I DIY Or Hire A Pro?

I am moving house and as with every move, it is expensive.

To get my bond back I need to fulfill my end of lease obligations. My friends have told me to hire a carpet cleaning machine from the local supermarket.

DIY carpet clceaning Vs hiring a PRO

I hear this all the time and to be honest I can completely relate to this. After the removalist, the new bond, pest controllers, bond cleaners, getting the yard done, a handyman to fix things up. Not to mention the time off work. Who wouldn’t want to be saving money. It’s not like money grows on trees. Right?

OK so lets evaluate this. Lets look at both sides and way it up.

Here are the differences between cleaning the carpet on your own and hiring professionals to do it:

Doing your own cleaning

If you decide to clean the carpet by yourself, you can clean it whenever you need to. You can also clean all of the rooms that need cleaning and you can take your time in cleaning each room thoroughly because you are not following a certain schedule.

You don’t need to call up companies one by one and have a list of formulated questions you want to ask because you will be the one to clean your carpet.

You will have the cost of the machine plus all the detergents so approx $65 – $75 plus your time to clean it.

This might be something you find more comfortable rather than hiring professionals to clean your carpet, but you need to make sure that you have done proper research on how to clean carpets because things can go wrong. Like chemical burn, over wetting, browning out, wicking to name a few.

If you hire a carpet cleaning company

The main benefit of hiring a company is that they are all professionals and you won’t have to worry about the heavy furniture on your carpet because they will move them for you. The professionals also have the proper equipment and products to use so that any tough stains and dirt found in your carpet will not be consuming a lot of time to remove. They will not take up too much of your time because they are very efficient when it comes to cleaning carpets and they have been trained to utilize proper cleaning techniques to get rid of unwanted pollutants on your carpet.

If the carpet cleaning company is a certified one, you are assured that they are very good in what they do because it means that their technicians have undergone proper training for cleaning various kinds of carpets.

Generally speaking 3 rooms starts at about $90 for a basic steam clean. At this price you would more than likely be asked to vacuum the carpets prior to their arrival however if you are doing the bond clean or hiring bond cleaners then the carpets would be getting a good thorough vacuum anyway.

In saying all of that I firmly believe that having a professional, clean your carpets is definitely the better would be to hire a professional carpet cleaner for a few bucks more. Considering if it all goes wrong you may be required to get it all cleaned again and not just a clean in some cases possibly repairs to the carpet too.

Before you call up a carpet cleaning company, make sure that they are reputable and would be able to guarantee your satisfaction and their cleaning will not hinder you getting your bond money back from your landlord.

Our company can assure you that your carpet will be cleaned properly using the right products and equipment to clean up all of the dirt found in between the fibres of your carpet. Just let us know when you need to have your carpet cleaned and we will be happy to schedule a time and date for you.


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