4 Tips To Easily Move Your Clothes

4 Tips To Easily Move Your Clothes

No matter where you are going to move, the best time to check your inventory is while you’re packing and boxing your clothes. Everything in your house should be useful to you. Always know where things are located so you will easily find them. It’s very easy to buy things during the year and accumulate things that we really don’t need or use. Your closet can have the same issue. You also need to make an inventory and only keep clothes that you will actually wear.

4 Tips To Easily Move Your Clothes

  1. What you need to do when cleaning out your closet

When you open your closet, look at your clothes one by one and ask yourself if you really like that piece of clothing and if you usually wear it.

If you have clothes that are either too big or too small for you, you can keep them in a box and use them in due time. You should also do this when you are planning to have a baby because you would need to have bigger clothes. And if you plan to lose some pounds, you can wear the smaller clothes once they fit.

In case you have clothes that fit you fine, but you’re not too happy with them, this is when you need to consider giving them away or selling them. There are a lot of times when people find it hard to let go of some things because they think that what will be left behind won’t be enough. The reality is that they will find it easier to get dressed because they will only have to choose from clothes that they do like.

  1. Rotate your clothes

In case your move happens during the season, rotate the clothes that you have inside your closet. If you arrive at the new place early, you won’t need certain clothes until the time for wearing them comes. You won’t be wearing coats and thick clothing during the summer so put them at the back of the closet and take out the summer clothes you have. Depending on how many seasons your area has in a year, you might have to rotate three times.

  1. Put them in a box

Exercise clothes, hosiery, and others that are usually placed in drawers can be packed in boxes.  Put labels on everything, so you know where each box goes.

  1. Hang your clothes

Simply wrap the clothes that are hanging in your closet together with their hangers to easily transfer them to your new closet.

When you’re moving out, time is a precious commodity.  But with these tips, moving your entire wardrobe can be easy and take less time so you can accomplish more tasks.


CC Image Courtesy of Ann Sullivan on Flickr