Moving Out Tips

So much to do, so little time.  Moving house is undoubtedly one of the most stressful events in anyone’s life.  And as your family grows, the list of things you need to do and to prepare also gets longer.  So to make things easier for you, especially for those who are moving for the first time, we’ve made a simple list of the essentials you need to know for your big move.

The ABC’s of Moving House


Ensure you don’t waste time or forget anything by planning and preparing.

✓ Make lists:  an inventory of items you’re bringing with you, a list of stuff you want to sell, and a checklist of all your tasks from now to moving day, with deadlines.

✓ Plan for the big day:  the rooms in your new house, which items go where, and if you have kids or pets, who will watch them during the day, their meals or snacks and how to keep them entertained.

Moving Out TipsB. CALL

Set aside time to call and make follow-up calls to the people who can help you and the companies who need to know of your move.

✓ The first people you need to call are your removalists, so make sure you choose your moving company well.  Shop around first before deciding.

✓ Call those who need to be informed of your change of address, like utility companies, banks, schools, etc.

✓ Arrange to have the post office redirect your mail as well.


Most of your time now will be spent packing and when you get to your new home, your first few days will be occupied with unpacking and arranging.

✓ Prepare your packing materials like boxes, tape, packing paper, bubble wrap and permanent markers.

✓ Pack items together by room to make it easier for the removalists to know where to place the boxes, and label each box with the destination room and items.

✓ Heavier items should be at the bottom of the box, lighter items should be on top, and gaps and spaces in the box should be filled with packing paper.

✓ Fragile and breakable items should be packed together and wrapped with packing paper.