Moving with your Pets

moving with pets

For families with dogs and cats, these animal companions are already part of the family.  They’re treated like small children and given love, care and attention.  And just like young kids, moving house can also impact your pets.

With our hints and tips on moving with your pets, you can avoid stressing your furry friends out, and consequently, avoid bringing yourself stress and anxiety:

Have your pet checked.

Bring your pet to the vet to ensure your pet has taken all the necessary vaccinations.  You might also want to get a copy of your pet’s medical history to present to the vet at your new city.

Change your pet’s tag to reflect your new address.

If your pet unfortunately wanders off and gets lost in the new neighbourhood, the chances are good that he’ll be returned if his tag shows your new address and contact information.

Make transportation plans for your pet.

Is your pet going to travel with you?  It would be a good idea to get a crate for your dog and a carrier for your cat.  Is the move going to take several hours or overnight?  Research on pet-friendly hotels you can stay in.

Isolate your pet on moving day.

All the strangers and activity on moving day might aggravate your pet.  Confine your pet to a quieter area of the house until everything is packed, the house is empty and everyone is ready to go.

Let your pet explore their new home.

Make them feel welcome in your new home.  Arrange their food, water, bedding and toys where they can easily see and reach them.  You can either give your pets the run of the house or slowly introduce them to each room until they feel more comfortable and settle in.

A tense, barking pet can be worrisome and even dangerous for everyone concerned.  Follow these tips for moving house with your pet and he/ she should be happily settled in with the rest of the family in no time.


Image by mbtrama on Flickr