Moving Out Timeline


So many things to do and not enough time to do everything properly.  Fortunately, you can take steps to make sure your move is successful with a minimum of stress.

Here’s a checklist to make sure you don’t miss anything:

2 Months Before Moving Day:  Get organized

  • Go through your personal belongings and sort them as either: keep, dispose or give away.  e sure to dispose of items that cannot be brought with you during your move.  Check with the removalists on what you cannot bring
  • Call and get quotes from removalists. Choose the best one and book ahead.
  • Facilitate your children’s transfer to a new school: inform current schools, contact new schools, send over school records.
  • Get copies of medical records for all family members.
  • Buy packing supplies: packing tape, permanent markers, bubble wrap, trash bags, scissors, Ziploc bags, and boxes.
  • Plan the design and arrangement of your new home.

1 Month Before Moving Day:  Get packing

  • Start packing the things you don’t use everyday. Label the boxes and pack together items that will go in the same room.
  • Notify the utility companies (such as electricity, water, gas, cable and internet) of your move, when to disconnect the services in your old residence and when to activate the services in your new home.
  • Inform your property manager and landlord of your decision to end the tenancy and discuss the return of your bond deposit.
  • Consume your perishables and make plans to clear out the pantry.
  • Notify people and businesses, including your insurance agencies, of your change of address.
  • Pack separately your valuables and documents. Keep this with you during the move.
  • Have your new house cleaned before moving in.

1 Week Before Moving Day:  Final Countdown

  • Confirm the date with the removalists, bond cleaners and any other company you’ve hired.
  • Finish packing and wrapping all your items.
  • Pack a bag or box of essentials. This should contain all items you will need for the first few days: clothes, toiletries, food, dinnerware, medications, mobile phone chargers, etc.
  • Empty and defrost your fridge the day before the move.

It’s Moving Day:  Get moving!

  • Supervise the move.  Check that the appliances, fragile and breakable items are handled carefully.  In your new home, direct the movers on which boxes should go to which rooms.
  • Check that everything is in order, locked properly and nothing was left behind.

This to-do list will help you prepare for a smooth move.  You can bid your old home goodbye and look forward to settling in your new home.

CC Image by Morgan on Flickr