Moving Tips: Should You DIY Or Hire A Removalist?

Moving Tips: Should you DIY or Hire a Removalist?

Moving into a new place is one of the biggest changes in a person’s life. Most people start moving out of their parent’s home when they go to college. It’s mostly a stepping stone to independence and fulfilling your goal for a bright future.  We all know that moving can be difficult, involving a lot of preparation and tasks, so here are some moving tips to help you with the moving process.  One of the things you need to decide on is whether to DIY or hire a removalist.

Moving Tips: Should you DIY or Hire a Removalist?

DIY options

Today, more and more people have been considering DIY move when relocating to a new home. But handling your move by yourself can be a tough task without strategic planning and organizing.

When doing it yourself, you either use a self-service moving container company, rent a van or move all your load using your own vehicle.

Before moving, determine the extent of the move and size of all your items. Taking your teen off to college is a far different experience from moving into larger homes. It’s important to assess the amount of load and the size of your belongings to help you decide what you need.

Keep in mind that moving can be exhausting and stressful. Even with relying on your friends’ and family’s help, DIY moving usually requires heavy lifting of your boxes, and that can be strenuous work. Imagine yourself walking up and down the stairs just to move your stuff downstairs. Are you really up for the task?

Many believe that DIY options can be much cheaper than hiring a professional mover, but the truth is, it may cost more than you think especially if you are moving across states.

Hiring Professional Movers

When deciding to move into a new home with the help of a moving company, it’s essential to do a little research on the company you are considering hiring. Look for customer reviews and feedback on the internet or ask someone about their experience with the company.

Budget carefully and get a quote from at least three different movers. It would be best to have your home inspected to see the actual load rather than estimate a price through a phone call.

With good preparation, you can actually move without straining your budget. Remember, a long distance move is usually priced by volume and weight of your load which means you shouldn’t move things you won’t need.


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