My Property Manager Is A Bitch!

my property manager is a bitch

my property manager is a bitch

9 Sure fire ways to ensure you get your BOND RETURN back

We’ve all been there. We’ve all had a property manager that we never got along with. Quite often, I get phone calls from people telling me about their property manager and that they are fussy or a complete bitch and they need someone to help make sure that they get their bond back.

I think the first thing we need to remember is that at the end of the day these property managers are just trying to get their job done. Their job ultimately is to ensure that the owner’s investment is protected and the property is released in the shortest amount of time as possible. If we leave personality out of it and you do everything you are meant to do for handover then you should not have a problem. Both you and the agent have a responsibility to act with the law to ensure a smooth handover.

My top 9 Tips for a smooth handover:

  1. Ensure when you move in, that you fill out your entry condition report as thoroughly as possible, take photos and return the report to your agent as quickly as possible so they can organise and fix anything that needs doing. Ensure you keep everything in writing. Your property managers are very time poor because of the nature of their job so rather than phoning them with issues, it is best you email your concerns directly to them. This way they can act on it when they get a chance and you have documentation for your own records.
  2. Ensure you are well prepared. Make sure you have everything booked well in advance with professionals to ensure you get a smooth move and be certain that you get booking confirmations from your service providers.
  3. Make sure you leave a few days between moving to your new home and the key handover date of the old one. This will ensure you have time to do any last minute touch-ups they may need doing.
  4. Be sure that once your removalists have left with your belongings, you do a once-over and clear the home of any rubbish.
  5. Do any touch-ups inside first before the cleaning commences.
  6. Hire professional bond cleaners to do the internal clean. A professional Bond Cleaning company will return to rectify anything your agent feels wasn’t up to standard that was part of their clean.
  7. Hire a professional carpet cleaner to clean the carpets so you get the best possible result but be sure the carpet cleaner is the last in the property. I generally recommend that you have the carpets cleaned last, so you can lock the door and hand the keys back to the agent.
  8. Be sure the yard is mowed and weeded and the bins are emptied and washed out.
  9. If the agent requires you to return for any reason, make sure you get them to send you a list of what needs to be rectified via email and reply to them as promptly as possible as to when you will return. Be sure to be fair as there may be new tenants moving in. If you need to return for any professional services you had completed at the property, contact the company that provided you with those services as quickly as possible so they can arrange to get their team back out there as soon as they can. This is best done by phone then immediately followed up with an email.

If you dispute any of the requests by your agent and you can’t come to a reasonable agreement on where the responsibilities lie, I would recommend not arguing the point with your property manager but rather direct your questions to the RTA or the RTU depending on the issue at hand. The quicker the issue is resolved the better it is for everyone involved. The RTA – Rental Tenancy Authority is a government organisation, they can give you a process and procedure but they cannot (although there may be the odd one or two) give you advice. The RTU – Rental Tenants Union is a legal body specifically for Tenants.

The best advice I can give you after dealing with literally thousands of tenants and property managers over the years is to look through one’s personality, do what you are required to with your rights, and something my mother always told me. You attract more bees with honey than with vinegar.

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