Busting Three Common Myths about Carpets and Allergies

Busting The Three Common Myths about Carpets and Allergies

If you have a carpet at home, but you fear that it might not be good if you or someone at home suffers from allergies, then there are certain misconceptions you need to avoid. It is essential that you know all about these myths that are commonly believed by people so that you can be set free from your doubts and anxieties.

Busting The Three Common Myths about Carpets and Allergies

Here are the three most common myths about carpets and allergies:

  1. The quality of your air can be negatively affected by having a carpet

It’s true that good air needs to be present in any home. The reality is carpets help in making the air cleaner because dust, debris, and dirt will be trapped in the carpet. You can vacuum the carpet afterwards to remove all the pollutants, which is better than having all of the debris and dust contaminating your indoor air.

  1. The chemicals found in carpets can lead to allergic reactions

If a person gets highly exposed to Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), there is a high possibility that they will develop headache, eye irritations, and coughing. However, the majority of carpet manufacturers use minimal amounts of VOCs when making their carpets.  Additionally, studies show that the amount of VOC used in carpets is not enough to trigger allergic reactions. You can always ask the carpet manufacturer for this information if you are worried about having allergic reactions, but most likely you won’t get any.

  1. The solutions used to clean carpets can cause allergic reactions in a person

Keeping your carpet well-maintained is important when you have someone at home who is suffering from allergies.  It’s very important that you have your carpet regularly cleaned by professionals. Having someone at home who is suffering from allergies requires you to be extra careful about how you maintain your home. You can clean your carpet daily by using a vacuum cleaner and stain removers for your carpet, but you don’t have the proper training and equipment that is best for getting rid of tough stains that can be found deep in your carpet.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaning company is what you need if you want to keep your home free from harmful allergens and bacteria. Carpets attract a lot of dirt, debris, and dust and they help in keeping these allergens from scattering into the air. This works to your benefit because you only need to have the carpet cleaned to get rid of these harmful substances. Calling us up to clean your carpet will be the best decision you will ever make because we make sure that you need not suffer from allergies caused by a dirty home. We have well-trained technicians and the proper equipment needed for any carpet cleaning task.


CC Image Courtesy Of William Brawley on Flickr