How To Clean Up Pet Urine in Your Home

Pet Urine in Your Home

One of the greatest concerns when you have a pet at home is the odour. Even though people love pets, accidents are inevitable and they can leave stains and offensive odours on the carpet.  Pet urine and waste can affect the quality of life, health and environment you live in. Your dog’s or cat’s urine poses health risks to your household occupants, especially small children.

Health issues associated with pet urine indoors such as your furniture, carpet or your upholstery can range from temporary to serious infections. Your pet’s urine contains ammonia, which when inhaled can be irritating to the throat, nose and lungs and may lead to severe illness.

The most at risk are children because they are often crawling and playing on your carpet. The bacteria from the urine may transfer to them and cause skin irritations and eye problems.

Pet Urine in Your Home

Cleaning pet urine

Proper cleaning of pet urine will prevent the odour and germs from remaining on your carpet. Locating new urine stains can be easier than finding old stains. So clean them up as quickly as you can. If the area is not cleaned well, the smell of the pee still lingers and your animal companions may repeatedly return to it.

When accidents occur, soak up as much urine as possible using newspaper or paper towels. Repeatedly placing thick paper towels or newspapers onto the area will absorb the wet spot.  Thoroughly clean the “accident zone” with clean water and use a towel to absorb excess water.

Cleaning solutions to use

To remove pesky pet urine stains and odours on the carpet, you can use an enzyme cleaner. This non-toxic and effective solution breaks down the compounds that build up smells and stains. Enzymatic cleaners are available at most pet stores.

The best way to prevent and avoid pet urine on carpets is to teach your dogs to pee outdoors. This will save you effort in doing some extra work as urine and stain removal can be a tedious task.

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