Is Your Pet Allergic to Carpets?

Is Your Pet Allergic to Carpets?

If your pet is sneezing a lot and seems to be suffering from some irritation, your pet might be suffering from allergies. It is important that you take note of how you can prevent allergens from developing inside your home.  A pet with allergies might become irritable from sneezing and itching all the time. Your pet also deserves to be comfortable. Here’s what you should know on how to prevent allergens from affecting your pet and your home.

Is Your Pet Allergic to Carpets?What to look for

When our pets keep on chewing their feet or body, we easily think that it is a normal thing, and it is not something alarming. But pay attention if your pet keeps on biting their feet, it may be a sign of contact allergy. Other determinants are blisters, missing patches on their skin, and red, itchy bumps. You need to look out for these signs because your pet might be allergic to something without you knowing it. Frequent and intense scratching could also mean that your pet has allergies and in some worst cases of allergy, your pet can lose hair.

Take Action

When you see that your dog is uncomfortable, keeps on scratching, and is losing hair you must inform your vet right away. Keep track of your dog’s allergic reactions so that you can show the vet, and he can determine if your dog is suffering from allergies and what they are allergic to. If your vet diagnoses your pet with contact allergies, it is best that you have your carpet, rugs, upholstery and home thoroughly cleaned to get rid of all the allergens.

Contact the professionals

You need to find carpet cleaners that have been providing service to homes for a long time. The company needs to be reputable and has been getting positive reactions from their previous clients. Look for a company that offers both carpet and upholstery cleaning because allergens also attach to furniture. Carpets can attract a lot of allergens which is why it is important that you have your carpet regularly cleaned by a professional company. In case your carpet has become soiled because of your pets, you need to make sure that they are also offering pet odour removal services.

You need to maintain the healthy environment in your home so that your family and pets can live comfortably. When you maintain the cleanliness of your carpet and home, your pet will no longer be sneezing, scratching, or becoming irritated. If you need your carpet cleaned, call us up today to schedule a service for your home. We have the right solutions and equipment that is best for cleaning carpets so that allergens will no longer linger inside your home.


CC Image Courtesy of Donnie Ray Jones on Flickr