Top 5 Pointers For Moving House Before Christmas

Moving Out Tips

The hustle and bustle involved in moving out, together with the Christmas rush, does not make for a relaxing holiday.  But if there’s no way out of it and you really need to move by Christmas time, there are ways to make your hectic days more manageable.

We have sorted a few pointers for you. We all know that is tedious especially during the holidays. Take a look at our pointers to give you an idea of how to prepare for your move. And eventually, your Christmas.

1.  Create Lists

As they say, if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.  Think ahead and write down the tasks that need to be done and when they should be completed.  List down and buy packing supplies, too, like the boxes, tape, markers for labeling the boxes and bubble wrap.  By this time, you should have a definite idea of your chosen move out date.  Look for the professional services you will need such as removalists, bond cleaners, carpet cleaners, pest control experts, and utilities for your new home.

2.  Start Calling

Remember that list of professional services you need?  Decide on who to get and call now to book ahead.  The season will be a busy one for the tradespeople too and you want to be sure to get your preferred schedule.  Especially when it comes to utilities, you would not want to spend Christmas with no gas, electricity or telephone.

3.  Inform People

Give out your new address to family and friends so you won’t miss your Christmas cards and for people to know where to find you.

4.  Pack your boxes and ready the Christmas ornaments

Start packing and labeling the boxes as early as you can.  Buy ahead and pack the ornaments, trimmings and special dinnerware in a separate box, ready for hanging and decorating when you arrive at your new home.  Wrap the gifts ahead of time, too, so you can quickly arrange them around the tree after decorating.

5.  Get more help or rope in your family

Ask for support from other family members or friends, or hire some hands to assist you.  The great thing about Christmas though is that your family members will surely be interested in helping to put up the tree and decorations and to prepare the food.  And if you moved in just the day before Christmas, you can all have a grand time in the kitchen preparing the Christmas feast.

Moving house can be quite a challenge but anything can be fun when done in the Christmas spirit.  These pointers should free you from worry and help you be more organized.  Don’t forget to play Christmas music to set the mood.

Have a smooth move and a merry Christmas!