Re-stretch Your Carpet Instead of Getting A New One

An old carpet that is already filled with creases and bulges is not pleasant, and if you really want a carpet that has the best texture and comfort, you might think of replacing it right away. You might want to re-think that option. Replacing is not always needed and should not be your first option. You can instead choose a carpet repair service and have the carpet re-stretched. Here are the reasons why re-stretching is a good option before replacing your carpet and spending too much.

Re-stretch Your Carpet Instead of Getting A New One

It costs a lot less

The cost of re-stretching will depend on how big the carpet is and the level of re-stretching that needs to be done. When your carpet has been re-stretched properly, it will be restored to its original condition, making it look smooth and attractive.

It’s less inconvenient

Picking a new carpet means searching for a match for what you need and something that’s suitable to the room it will be in. Finding the best deal and price for carpets can take a lot of time, and you would have to look for the best carpet installers. It’s also inconvenient to have to move your stuff around while the new carpet is installed. Having your carpet replaced will eat up a lot of your precious time because you have to wait for it to be removed and then replaced before you can walk on the floor again. Re-stretching your carpet takes less time and effort.

You might be replacing your carpet too soon

For people who are not concerned about their budget or time, there is a tendency that they will end up spending on something unnecessary such as replacing a carpet before its time. Even with creases and bulges, as long as your carpet is not very old and has not been re-stretched before, you can re-stretch it now and avoid paying for a new carpet. Traffic and rearranging furniture can cause some ripples and bubbles, but re-stretching can get rid of them. You can put your money aside and use it in the future when your carpet really needs to be replaced. Carpets will get wrinkles, ripples and folds, but replacement is not your only option. Your carpet will last longer if you have it re-stretched. Make sure to have it professionally cleaned after to get rid of the dirty creases that will be revealed after re-stretching.

Whether you need carpet cleaning or carpet repair, Bond Cleaning Australia has the perfect cleaning solution for you. We’ll refresh and restore your carpet so it can stay with you for years.


CC Image Courtesy of Nate Grigg on Flickr