Solving Common Upholstery Cleaning Concerns

Solving Common Upholstery Cleaning Concerns

Upholstery cleaning is essential to maintaining your furniture. However, if done inexpertly, upholstery cleaning itself can cause other problems.  Here are the typical upholstery cleaning concerns to watch out for and what you can do about them:

Solving Common Upholstery Cleaning Concerns


This happens when the dye of the upholstery bleeds onto the area around it. Correcting bleeding can be difficult, but modern dye stabilizers and low-moisture systems make bleeding occur less.

What to do:  Use a cotton swab to apply a tiny amount of hydrogen peroxide onto the area. Rinse with a neutralising solution to avoid other adverse effects.



These look like rings and are the residue of soiling or sizing that dissolved. Sizing makes the fabric taut and prevents it from puckering. Watermarks are clear most of the time, but are brown if the upholstery was not dried properly.

What to do:  In most cases, there’s a simple way to remove watermarks. Just moisten the area slightly with distilled water.



This occurs when the fabric of the upholstery becomes overly wet and takes longer than usual to dry. This is usually the case when the upholstery is very dirty and requires several rounds of cleaning. To avoid this problem, ensure that the water is extracted thoroughly and the upholstery is dried right away.

What to do:  It’s important to rinse detergents completely from the upholstery because they contain a high level of pH that will cause the fabric to become yellow if not rinsed as it should be. In order to get rid of the browning, the fabric needs to be rinsed using a neutralising agent specifically for upholstery. If the browning is really bad, get experts to handle your upholstery and prevent more damage.



Shrinkage is sometimes unavoidable for certain fabrics like cotton. Fortunately, this kind of problem can still be fixed.

What to do:  A hand steamer can be used to take care of conditions like this. All you have to do is steam the fabric and pull it carefully to restore its shape.


These are tips you can follow to avoid ruining your couch, sofa and other upholstered furniture even more. To prevent problems caused by upholstery cleaning, be sure you get qualified professionals like Bond Cleaning Australia to treat your upholstery.


CC Image Courtesy of Anna Majkowska on Flickr