Some More Tips To Help Kids Move

Some More Tips To Help Kids Move

You finally accepted that job offer and you will have to move to a new city soon. An exciting career and life await you on the other side of the state; however moving house can be stressful or children.

Children are usually affected when moving. They are forced to say goodbye to their favourite pastimes, neighbours and friends at school. Just like you, your kids might not cope easily with change. The thought of leaving an old home and making new friends often goes through their mind. When moving into a new home, don’t neglect the kids. Instead, involve them in many of your decisions as possible.

We have narrowed our list to our five favourite moving tips to make the move anxiety-free for your kids.

Some More Tips To Help Kids Move

  1. Talk about the Move

Order a pizza, gather around your dining table and have a family meeting. Kids may like surprises but moving is not one of them, so make sure to keep them in the loop. Explain about the move and tell them about some fun and exciting things to come.

  1. House hunt with the kids

If possible, let your children help with the selection process for the new home. Show them pictures of the houses where you’re planning to move and describe every detail in the neighbourhood. Share the things that you find with your children. Tell them about the parks, and exciting places to go where you can have some fun together. Be honest in giving details to avoid disappointments in the future.

  1. Have them help you with packing their stuff

Moving is a great opportunity to declutter. Your children eventually outgrow toys and other personal items. Explain to them that you will not throw everything away but they can either sell or give them to less fortunate children who can use their old items. They can still keep certain things that hold special memories for them.

  1. Throw a goodbye party

Saying goodbye to their friends is one of the toughest things your kids have to face. Plan an afternoon party and invite their friends so they will have a chance to see them before the move. Take photos of them together with your kids and make sure to exchange contact details like email addresses or phone numbers so they can keep in touch.

  1. Say goodbye to your old home

Take them to their favourite and most memorable places. During dinner, have them recall their unforgettable experiences and special memories in the old house.

These simple moving tips can help your children peacefully bid farewell to their old home and look forward to your new place.


CC Image Courtesy of woodleywonderworks on Flickr