Speedy Ways To Clean Your Car Interior

You can always keep your car clean, no matter how busy you are. Simple things like not eating inside the car or not leaving your trash will help. Of course, even though you avoid clutter in your car, the time will come when you still need to give it a thorough cleaning. Here are some tips to quickly and easily clean your car.

Speedy Ways To Clean Your Car Interior

When you’re in a real hurry…

When you have very little time to clean your car, just take a large plastic bag and use that to collect all the trash you can find inside your car. If you see any dirt, all you need is a clean damp cloth to wipe it away. Give the console and the handles of the doors a quick wipe. These are areas which attract a lot of dirt, so they will need attention.

When you can spare a little more time…

If you have a bit more time, aside from doing the quick clean up, you can vacuum the floor and the seats. Make sure to also wipe the seats afterwards. Move the front seats when you are vacuuming the inside of your car so you can reach all areas of the floor. If you run out of time, concentrate on getting rid of the dirt and dust on the seats, around them and on the floor. Finish by wiping the seats with a leather cleaner or damp cloth.

When you have at least half an hour…

Now you can really get to work. Remove the mats and run a vacuum over everything, especially between the seats. If the car mats are really dirty, hose them down, scrub with a detergent, and then rinse. You might also want to wipe the rubber seals on the doors as these can get quite filthy. For wiping the rest of the interior, you can use a soft cloth moistened with water to remove any grime inside your car.

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CC Image Courtesy of 8one6 on Flickr