Spring Cleaning: Time To Say Goodbye to Clutter

Spring Cleaning: Time To Say Goodbye to Clutter

Spring is here! It’s always nice to see the green grass and flowers blooming once again after months of cold weather.  When spring arrives, it also means one thing: it’s time for spring cleaning.

This season is the best time to get rid of clutter from your home. Clutter can create mental stress and greatly affect one’s mood.  Spring cleaning may seem long and tiresome, but you can take things one step at a time. To get you started, here are a few manageable ways to declutter your home.

Spring Cleaning: Time To Say Goodbye to Clutter

  1. Recycle or toss out items from your storage boxes, closets and utility rooms

Before you begin cleaning out every room in your house, prepare containers for the items you want to keep. Get garbage bags ready for the items you’re disposing of. Go through all your storage boxes, closets, the attic and basement, toss out any unnecessary stuff and free up some space for new items.

  1. Declutter one room at a time

Start with the lesser clutter rooms and work your way to the more challenging ones. By decluttering one room at a time, you are able to clean out and organize the items properly, and you won’t feel overwhelmed with too much work at once.

  1. Assess your wardrobe

There could be several reasons why we hold on to things even when they are no longer useful. But, no matter how valuable it is to you, it’s essential to let some things go for a change. Here’s a general rule for clothes: If you haven’t worn or used it for the last six months up to a year, then you probably won’t use it- ever. So throw it out, sell it or donate it to a charity.

  1. Kiss multiples goodbye 

You don’t need more than one item that has the same function. They’re just clutter in your home. Give them to someone else instead.

Now that you’ve made some headway in your spring cleaning, cap it all off by deep cleaning your furnishings. Your carpet, mattresses, rugs, and upholstery will thank you for giving them that long-overdue deep clean. By now though, you’re likely tired from all the reorganising you had to do. Not to worry, Bond Cleaning Australia can take care of all your carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, mattress cleaning and rug cleaning needs. Schedule an appointment with our carpet cleaning experts today.


CC Image Courtesy of Merete Veian on Flickr