Stain Treatment

Oops. Had a spill or kids have decided to pretend to be Pro Hart…. (OOOOOh MISTER HART… WHATTA MESS!!!) and you can’t remove the stain?

Simply keep it moist by covering with a damp white or colour fast towel until we can attend to it.

Our Technicians will come to the rescue.

We have specialised stain removal experts on our team who regularly remove difficult stains like: Vomit, Coffee, Red Bull, Beer, Red Wine, Blood, Wax, Cordial, Grease, Paint, Nail Polish, Tea, Pet Urine and many more.

Although we cannot guarantee full stain removal, our team of specialists have a great success rate, often removing stains others leave behind.

We guarantee our skilled technicians’ attention to detail and use of top quality products will provide you with the best results possible.