6 Strategies for Acing the Final Inspection

Final Inspection

Before you can get your bond back, there’s one more hurdle to overcome, and that’s the Final Inspection.  During an inspection, the property manager will go over the entire property and examine everything to see if there’s any room, furnishing or feature that needs to be repaired or cleaned and if you left any trash that should  be disposed of.  A comparison will be done between the state of the property now and its condition at the start of the tenancy, based on the Entry Condition Report.

It’s always a good idea to get professional cleaners to clean the property.  To make sure you pass that inspection with flying colours, you will need to double check that everything necessary was done.  Use these strategies so you won’t miss anything:

  1. Bedroom. Check the closets and drawers for dust and wipe them clean.  Clean the mirrors and windows, too.  Dust off cobwebs on the walls including corners and hard to reach areas.  Wipe away smudges and dirt on fans and switches.
  1. Living Room. Look over the carpet to make sure there are no discolourations.  If the property came with some furniture, check that the furniture is wiped clean and undamaged.  There should be no stains or marks on the walls.
  1. Final InspectionKitchen. The kitchen is one of the most challenging to clean.  Aside from the walls and floors, make sure the cupboards and drawers were cleaned.  The oven tends to be forgotten, the property manager will most definitely look inside.  The refrigerator needs to be cleaned behind and underneath.  Also, aim to get the sink sparkling clean.
  1. Bathroom. If there’s one area that presents a greater challenge than the kitchen, it’s the bathroom.  Check the entire room for any signs of mould.  The tiles and floor should be unstained.  Disinfect and wipe down the toilet, bathtub and sink.
  1. Forget these not. You should have already repaired or replaced anything in the property that was damaged or not working.  Remove any bluetack or nails on the walls.  Empty the garage of your belongings.  Clear the yard and garden of any trash and junk.
  1. Take photos. We all want to avoid disputes but in case it happens, you can use the photos as evidence that you did clean the property as required.

With these strategies, plus professional bond cleaning services and your inspection checklist, you won’t have to worry anymore about losing your bond deposit.