The Basics of Fixing Burnt Carpets

The Basics of Fixing Burnt Carpets

In case you have a carpet at home that was burnt because of the clothes iron or cigarettes, you need to know how to get rid of the burn marks. They are not good to see especially if they’re in an area easily seen.

If there are liquid and solid stains on your carpet, you can always call professional carpet cleaners because they have the right equipment, knowledge and technicians. Burns on carpets, however, cannot be cleaned, unlike other stains. Carpet burns will cause damage to the fibres of the carpet and affect its appearance.

The Basics of Fixing Burnt Carpets

How to fix a small burnt area

In case your carpet was burned, you can always choose to replace it right away and have something new. However, changing the carpet right away costs a lot and is a big investment. Don’t worry, you can choose to repair the carpet, which is a better option.

To do this, it will be necessary to remove the area of the carpet that has been damaged. A small burn will be very easy to fix. All you have to do is cut the top part of the fibre that has been burned using a blade or pair of scissors. This part of the carpet will be a little bit shorter compared to the other parts, but it will not be obvious.

Repairing a middle-sized burnt area

If the carpet was more seriously burned, repairing it requires more time and effort. You would have to look for spare carpet or use a part of the carpet from another room. It’s best if you get the carpet patch from a room that does not get a lot of traffic so that the fibres are still in good condition.

After you have found a carpet to use, take a razor blade and cut out a part that has the same size as the burned area of the carpet you’re trying to repair. Place the patch on top of the damaged area and use it as a pattern. You can now start cutting around the pattern, but be careful not to cut until the base of the carpet.

Once you’ve removed the damaged part, use glue or an adhesive so that the carpet patch can be attached. Press the carpet patch down until it no longer shifts or bunches up. Now you’re done with your carpet repair and you can have peace of mind.

Other people will not notice it so do not worry about it being noticeable. This is much better than seeing a burnt part on your carpet which can be an eyesore.

For major damage or if you’re unskilled in carpet repair, call the professionals. Our experts at Bond Cleaning Australia can mend and restore your carpet. We also have high-quality carpet cleaning and stain removal services.


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