The Beginner’s Guide To Deep Cleaning A Home

The Beginner’s Guide To Deep Cleaning A Home

Deep cleaning is a skill you need to learn if you want to have a happier and better living environment. In case you don’t know yet how to do deep cleaning, we’re giving you loads of tips so that you won’t make a mistake or forget anything. It’s also best to clean in the morning and then hire professional cleaners in the afternoon to finish the job right.

The BasicsThe Beginner’s Guide To Deep Cleaning A Home

Get started by removing the bed sheets, and used clothes and then putting them in the laundry. Take note of your entry areas and put wet towels on them to prevent dirt from entering the house. Detach the parts of the oven and place them on the grass or newspapers. Use an oven cleaning solution to spray the dirty parts of the oven and clean up after. The kitchen cupboard can also be sprayed with oven cleaner to get rid of the grease which you may not see but is most likely there.

Take care of the bathroom and spray them the fittings, bathtub, toilet, and basin with a solution containing bleach. Leave the bleach on the surfaces and attend to other cleaning tasks while waiting. If you’re applying harsh chemicals, always take note of their correct usage and instructions.

The furniture needs to be moved towards the centre of the room, so you can clean the areas under, behind, or around them. The drawers also have to be emptied and dusted thoroughly. Use a broom to sweep inside each room. For sweeping the tracks between the sliding doors and windows, use a brush. Vacuum the floors and tracks. Make sure that no dust is left anywhere.

Windows and Blinds

Get a bucket filled with water and detergent. The solution needs to be quite foamy. Wash the windows and then use a squeegee to wipe them. You can use a screwdriver and cloth to wipe in between hard to reach areas. Ask a professional for help if you have trouble reaching some parts of the window.  For cleaning blinds, wipe each one carefully (This can take some time).

Fittings and Fixtures

You first have to detach the fittings of the light before washing. Only put them back up once they are clean and dry.

Wipe the smoke alarms, vents, phones, intercoms, switches, fitting casings, doors, frames, sills, and cornices.

Ceilings, Walls and Doors

Mix bleach and water in a bucket with a 10:1 ratio. Use this mixture and a flat mop to clean the doors, walls, and ceilings.

Bathroom and Laundry Area

Spray all the stuff from the bathroom with a solution made of detergent and water. Scrub everything and then rinse. Use a solution of bleach of three parts bleach and one part water to spot clean the grills and corners with mould.

Clean your laundry area’s cupboards, surfaces and lint filter from the dryer.  Check for residue inside the washing machine before finishing up.

The Kitchen

Use soap and water to clean the cupboards after dusting them. Don’t forget the drawers, tracks, and the sides. Start at the top, working your way down to the bottom. Clean the dishwasher and run water through it. Scrub and polish the inside of the oven. Polish all the parts and put them back in the oven. Switch the oven on for 10 minutes at 180 degrees. Let it cool after switching it off to spot any chemical residues as they will turn white. Put everything back in the cupboards and wipe the fridge.


Use a hose to clean the remaining fittings, railings, on the decks and then polish the other areas. Vacuum, mop and fix the beds before booking a professional cleaning service.

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