The Best Carpets For Easy Maintenance

The Best Carpets For Easy Maintenance

How easy it is to clean the carpet will depend on the habits and lifestyle of the people who own it. When you are properly cleaning your carpet, it will last for a very long time. Remember that the first step is to get good quality carpet. A good tip when choosing a carpet is to make sure that the backing cannot be seen. This means the fibres are dense and the carpet stands a better chance of repelling dirt and stains. Some carpets also undergo chemical treatment to make them resistant to stain and spills. Here are the most popular choices for easy-to-clean carpets:

The Best Carpets For Easy Maintenance

  • Nylon fibre carpets

If you are considering buying a carpet made with nylon fibres, it is the simplest to clean compared with other types. Nylon carpets are also known to be durable. Carpets made with polypropylene and polyester are affordable alternatives but they are not as good in resisting stain and their lifespans are not very long.

  • Wool carpets

Investing in a wool carpet is a good choice because it can repel water naturally and it does not easily attract dirt. Wool carpets are a bit pricey, though. If you want a sturdy but inexpensive choice, you can get a carpet that’s a mixture of wool and synthetic fibres.

Textured carpets like Berber do not easily show dirt. But avoid placing them in areas with a lot of traffic because they will collect more dirt and you will have a hard time vacuuming it.

How to keep carpets clean

Remember to choose a good quality carpet that suits your needs and your budget. No matter what style of carpet you have, a professional carpet cleaning service is advised. Professionals who use the steam cleaning method utilise steam to remove all of the dirt from the carpet. They have the equipment and the knowledge to use cleaning solvents correctly. You just have to tell them where the dirt is and they’ll be able to clean the area thoroughly.

Prevention is always best. When you enter the house, do not leave your shoes on or you’ll be tracking dirt on your carpet. Keep your pets from stepping on it with dirty paws. Food spills should also be avoided. However, no matter how careful you are, accidents do happen. Maintain your carpet by vacuuming it regularly to get rid of everyday dirt.

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