The Horrifying Truth: Your Carpet Conceals Germs

The Horrifying Truth: Your Carpet Conceals Germs

One of the best feelings in the world is to feel the texture of clean carpet on your skin. But you can only fully enjoy your carpet if it doesn’t have any allergens that could trigger itching, sneezing or scratching, and if it’s free of other germs which are harmful to your health. Even if you vacuum regularly, contaminants and pollutants can still linger on your carpet. Your carpet needs regular cleaning at least once a year so that its lifespan will be longer.

The Horrifying Truth:  Your Carpet Conceals Germs

Germs hiding inside your carpet and furniture

Dust mites and pollens have the same effect. They can cause allergic reactions like itchiness, sneezing, and coughing. Pests like fleas and carpet beetles are often attracted to carpets. Dead insects, dirt, and mould spores can also end up on your carpet. As for pests like fleas and carpet beetles, they find the carpet an ideal hiding spot. If there are pets in your home, their dander can stick to the carpet as well as the grease and grime from their bodies. Even pesticides that could later on be harmful to your health especially to children and other animals have been found to leave traces on the carpet.

Clean your carpet every year to maintain its good condition and keep all these nasties away.

How to eradicate bacteria and pests from your carpet

Your best option is to get a carpet cleaning company that will perform the best method to restore your carpet’s condition and cleanliness. They should be able to do hot water extraction which is the best method for getting rid of all of the germs found in carpets. This method also allows the carpet to dry quickly letting you use it right away. Experts should handle this rather than doing it yourself or hiring someone inexperienced because these professionals have been properly trained no matter what size the carpet is. They can clean all types of carpets and give you the best service.

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