These 5 Household Items You Use Everyday Must Be Cleaned

These 5 Household Items You Use Everyday Must Be Cleaned

You thought you cleaned everything at home, but there are items that you likely overlooked and forgot to clean. More than likely, these are even things you use everyday. Unknown to you and unseen, grime, dirt and bacteria are already building up on the surface of these items. Now is the time to stop skipping these spots which may host some nasty germs. Protect your home and family from diseases and allergies by thoroughly cleaning the following:

These 5 Household Items You Use Everyday Must Be Cleaned

  1. Bed Pillows

Aside from dead skin cells that rub off your face and body, pillows can accumulate tons of dust mites if you haven’t been cleaning them for more than six months. Can you imagine yourself sleeping in a bed knowing there are creepy little creatures crawling as you sleep? Hire mattress cleaning professionals to take care of your bed and do your part by cleaning your pillows. Most pillows manufactured nowadays are washable to avoid inconvenience and discomfort. But before throwing the pillows into your washer, make sure to read the manufacturer’s manual for washing instructions.

  1. Doorknobs and Light Switches

Doorknobs and light switches are the last items you think about when cleaning your home.  Did you know that door handles and light switches are in fact one of the dirtiest spots in your house? These are the items we touch several times a day that accumulate dirt and grime. To keep them squeaky clean and germ-free, make sure to wipe them and scrub with disinfectant regularly.

  1. Trash Bins

Even though you’re using garbage bags, excess food, sauces and beverages occasionally escape from the bag and may contaminate the can.  These may develop into bacteria that can be dangerous to your health. Make sure to wash your trash bins with soap and warm water.  Disinfect your container at least every month.

  1. Your Dishwasher

Traces of food, grease and soap scum may collect inside your dishwasher that may lead to foul odours. Prevent this from happening. Always remember to clean your dishwasher with baking soda and vinegar once a month.

  1. Kitchen Sink

Your kitchen sink absorbs all the grease from cooking and dirty dishes every day. If you leave it dirty, it may accumulate germs and bacteria. You can easily disinfect this area with cleaning solutions that you can buy from stores.

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