These 9 Cleaning Hacks Before Moving Are Genius

These 9 Cleaning Hacks Before Moving Are Genius

Before you move out of your place, you want to clean your things before packing them. You need the best cleaning hacks that can be done with lesser cost and time.

These 9 Cleaning Hacks Before Moving Are GeniusCleaning hacks:

1. For disinfecting your mattress

Did you know that Vodka isn’t just for drinking? You can put it in a spray bottle to kill bacteria on your mattress and get rid of odour. Just spray on the spot that needs to be disinfected and leave the mattress to dry naturally.

2. Make your microwave spotless

Scrubbing the walls of the microwave with food splatters can be difficult, but there is a much easier way to do it. Cut a few lemons in half and place them in a glass dish with water inside. Turn on the microwave and allow it to boil until it emits steam. Let it stay inside for about 1 minute and the gunk will be easier to wipe off.

3. Duster for your ceiling fan

Take a pillow case and hook it on the fan blade while wiping it backward slowly. The dust will become trapped inside, and you can clean the pillow case after gathering all the dust.

4. Keep your shoes dry

Shoes and gloves will dry up easily if you put newspapers inside them when they become wet.

5. Get rid of pet hair in carpets easily

Sometimes vacuuming is not enough to pick up the remaining pet hair. You can take pet hair out of the carpet using a rubber squeegee.

6. Dry things quickly

If you don’t have enough time to dry your laundry, put a dry towel together with the wet clothes in the dryer. The remaining moisture will be absorbed by the dry towel quickly to cut drying time.

7. Air vents need to be cleaned

When you need to clean the narrow grates of the vents in your house, you can do this efficiently by moistening a towel and wrapping it around a butter knife. Use this to wipe the dirt in between small spaces.

8. How to clean your stove

Aside from cooking, vegetable oil can also be used to clean your stove because oil attracts oil.

9. Slow drains need to be unclogged

If the bathroom sink is taking its time draining, put four tablets of Alka-Seltzer in the drain and then pour vinegar. Wait for 10 minutes before rinsing the drain with boiling water.

Follow these hacks, so you won’t have a hard time cleaning up your place before moving out. Most of these natural cleaning solutions can even be found in your home. So if you need to save on time and money, don’t worry because you have these tips to rely on for cleaning your home.