Top 3 Indications of A Carpet That Needs Cleaning

Carpets are very nice to have because they add a lot of appeal and comfort to one’s home. To make sure they are well-maintained, it’s best to have them yearly cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company you trust. Don’t wait for your carpet to be beyond help before you call the professional cleaners. Schedule a carpet cleaning service right away once you see the following signs:

Top 3 Indications of A Carpet That Needs Cleaning

  1. When your carpet is already discoloured and has a lot of stains

If you don’t know yet when to set an appointment for cleaning, you can take a closer look at your carpet and inspect it for any stains and discolouration. This can be caused by pee or poop from pets, food or liquid spills, and people tracking in dirt from outside.

  1. When it is already emitting unpleasant odours

By just using your nose, you will be able to determine if your carpet already needs cleaning. You will start to smell mould and ammonia-like pet odours. Pet odours, unfortunately, will get worse over time because your pet will keep coming back to the same spot. Check with other people as well if they can smell something.

  1. If you already have water damage

Water damage is caused by flooding or plumbing problems. When you experience this, it’s important to schedule cleaning immediately to avoid permanent harm. A carpet soaked in water will cause mould and mildew to develop. If the water is contaminated, other bacteria and viruses might also end up thriving in your carpet. When you contact a professional carpet cleaning company, you can ask them for recommendations to avoid further problems.

If you are looking for a reliable professional carpet cleaning company, contact Bond Cleaning Australia and set an appointment to bring back your carpet’s beauty and softness.


CC Image Courtesy of Sara on Flickr