Top 6 Trendy Carpet Types

Top 6 Trendy Carpet Types

With numerous choices for textures, colours and designs, many homeowners can pick and choose from the carpets that best suit their style and personal taste. There are several varieties of carpet types in the market today, offering distinctive styles and visual appeal. Among these are:

Top 6 Trendy Carpet Types

  1. Berber

Berber has an elegant appearance with its tufts looped and aligned in rows. It is also one of the popular carpet types with a variety of colours and fibres to choose from. Berber comes with types that are durable, stain-resistant, and comfortable.

  1. Frieze

One of the most popular carpet types that bounces back due to its tufts being tightly twisted, frieze hides footprints and vacuum cleaner marks better than other carpet types. It is often used in high traffic areas and is often more expensive than plush types.

  1. Cut Pile Berber

Cut pile berber looks more like frieze. There are no loops anymore, as the loops have already been cut. Cut pile berbers are usually off-white or with earth tones, perfect to provide mood and atmosphere to your homes.Plush

  1. Plush

Plush is sometimes called velvet due to its velvet appearance. It has soft and luxurious fibres that bring elegance to your home. Its beautiful colours and smooth texture make it the most popular choice for homes and apartments today. However, the soft material of plush carpets allows footprints and vacuum marks on its surface.

  1. Saxony

Just like plush carpets, this type of carpet also has a tendency to show footprints and vacuum cleaner marks. But saxony’s soft and smooth texture makes it perfect for bedroom and living room spaces. It is considered a high-quality and luxurious choice for any space.

  1. Shag

The shag carpet is back, gaining popularity due to its soft and bushy appearance. Its softness and comfort make it a popular choice for homeowners.

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