Top Two Reasons To Keep Carpets in Classrooms Clean

Top Two Reasons To Keep Carpets in Classrooms Clean

We want the best for our children and we want them to feel safe and comfortable during their time at school. With many students coming in and out of the school, it’s not surprising how a classroom carpet can quickly become dirty. A dirty classroom, however, creates an uninviting atmosphere to students and parents who visit the school.

The classroom carpet can be the perfect place for dust to set in. Since the fibres act as a filter, pounds of dust can be deposited on the surface and become a favourable environment for bacteria and germs to breed. Bacteria lurking on the fibres can lead to safety and health issues if the carpet is not cleaned.

Carpets in schools are designed differently from your home and must be frequently cleaned for a healthier learning environment for the students. A professionally cleaned carpet does not just make the classroom attractive, but also reduces potential health risks. Read on to learn the importance of keeping the carpet clean in the classroom.

Top Two Reasons To Keep Carpets in Classrooms Clean

  1. Trapped pollutants in carpets affect indoor air quality

The carpet is like a big sponge that absorbs different sources of pollutants. Dust, soil particles, and other substances get trapped beneath the carpet fibres and release toxic airborne gases that can contaminate the air quality. These pollutants, when inhaled by the students, may cause allergies and asthma attacks.

  1. Regular cleaning removes mould and mildew growth

Moisture is a huge factor for mould and mildew growth. Carpets that are exposed to moisture most likely develop mould that seeps into the carpet fibres. Mould spores, when inhaled, can cause mild to serious respiratory problems in children and even in teachers. Industrial carpet cleaning uses cleaning methods to eliminate moisture and remove odour. This will also prevent potential damage to the classroom’s overall atmosphere.

An organised and clean environment creates greater opportunities and academic achievement for students. We at Bond Cleaning Australia offer the best carpet cleaning techniques for a healthier learning environment for the students.


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