Understanding Anti-Stain Protectors

Understanding Anti-Stain Protector

Your carpet is an expensive investment, and you want to protect it from spills and stain as much as possible. Getting anti-stain protector is an excellent choice for families with pets and children at home. Carpet stain protection acts as a shield to prevent spills from becoming hard to remove stains.  This protector can be factory-applied on your carpet, applied by yourself or by a pro.

Anti-stain protectors contain polymer which is an active ingredient that serves as an invisible coating and keeps any substance from penetrating your fibres.

Popular brands like Scotchgard, Stainguard, Guardsman and Teflon are among the best examples of anti-stain protectors. Here’s what you need to know before investing in carpet stain protection for your home.

Understanding Anti-Stain Protector


When you have pets and children at home, you are most likely prone to spills and stains on your carpet. But with anti-stain protector applied, your carpet is safe, and stain and spills can be easily cleaned.

These protectors are resilient against dyes and other substances because of its protective coating.  Companies offer a warranty to give you insurance that the product is effective.

When your carpet is treated with stain protector, it also prevents soil build-up in high traffic areas. It prevents dirt from seeping into the carpet fibres because these products have unique properties that serve as a barrier to dust and dirt, keeping your carpet attractive.


Unfortunately, anti-stain protectors lose their effectiveness over time. These products wear off slowly with normal foot traffic and vacuuming and may need to be re-applied.  When you use certain cleaning products for your carpet, they may also inadvertently remove the protector.

Despite a few negative facts, anti-stain protection is an excellent investment for carpets as it provides maximum protection and extends the carpet’s life and beauty.

The best time to have anti-stain protectors applied to your carpet is every after carpet cleaning, which is recommended annually.  Visit Bond Cleaning Australia for routine carpet cleaning to ensure a fresh and clean carpet.