Wet Carpet After Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Wet Carpet After Professional Carpet Cleaning?

You’re expecting guests at home so you decide to have your carpets deep cleaned. It’s a perfect time to call a professional carpet cleaner since it’s more than a year since you had your carpet installed. If you want to know what you can expect after a professional carpet clean, here’s the important information.

What to Expect

A day after you have it professionally cleaned, your carpet should look fresh and sparkling clean. But there are common questions we think of after the professional cleaner leaves our home. Are they dry enough to walk on? Is it safe to move back my furniture back onto the carpet?

You can expect your carpet to be completely dry after a day of carpet cleaning. The length of time it takes to dry your carpet depends on several factors. Carpet cleaners will use a large volume of water for heavily soiled carpets and less for lightly soiled. Over-wetting can be the most common reason for long dry times. This is an important responsibility of a carpet cleaner. For trained professionals, no matter how large or small was the volume of water used, they will make several dry passes over the carpet to remove excess moisture.  This is to ensure that the carpet should dry quickly in 6-10 hours.

Your carpet should then be completely dry and it’s now safe to move your furniture back to its place. Never move your furnishings back onto the carpet when it’s not completely dry. This might be crucial as your furniture has varnish, paint or stain on it that may transfer to your moistened carpet. The same can be said for furniture with metal legs as it can cause rust stains over your carpet.

Wet Carpet After Professional Carpet Cleaning?Effects of Wet Carpets

When your carpet stays wet for too long, it can create problems with carpet fibres and may cause damage.  Your professional carpet cleaner should know the proper cleaning methods for various types of carpet. There are carpets that shrink when too much water is used and not dried quickly.

Wet carpets can also be a breeding environment for mould and mildew especially if moisture remains longer than 48 hours. It’s important to remove moisture and contact your service provider if the carpet is still wet after 12 hours.

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CC Image Courtesy of Cynthia Donovan on Flickr