What Renters Should Know About Pests

No one wants to experience pests and vermin in the home where they are living especially if the place is expected to be clean at the start of the tenancy. Although renters can complain if there are pests in the property, this does not mean that the tenant cannot be accused of any infestations. In case you are not aware of the responsibility of the landlord and the tenant when it comes to eliminating these pests and vermin, here’s what you need to know.

Your pest control responsibility as a tenantWhat Renters Should Know About Pests

You will be held responsible to control the pests if the infestation occurs after you move in because there is a chance that you attracted pests due to poor cleanliness. One good example is the presence of cockroaches after several months since you started to occupy the place. If you don’t think that you caused the infestation, then you won’t have to eradicate the pests.  However, you need to give substantial proof to the landlord that there has been a breach of the agreement. It is considered a breach of the agreement if the landlord failed to make the place clean before you moved in.

How to find out if you are responsible for each pest problem

If there are ants in the apartment at the start of your tenancy, then the landlord should take care of this problem. You will be blamed, though if the ants start to appear only after a few months since you occupied the place. Check the wall cavities if there are bees and wasps before you occupy the place. You will be responsible if the bees and wasps are seen while you are staying there.

Birds and possums can also be considered pests, and if the landlord did not seal all openings where they can enter, then he would have to take the responsibility for them. Cockroaches, fleas, and spiders should not be there at the start of your tenancy, but they should also be prevented while you are occupying the place to avoid being blamed. Mice and rats infestation are the landlord’s fault if you find them lurking in your place at the start of the tenancy. But you should also practice cleanliness so you won’t have to deal with them while you are staying there.

If you encounter a snake at the start of your tenancy, tell the landlord because there might have been a breach of the agreement. If you find a snake after a few months, you need to eradicate that yourself. The presence of termites in your place is not your fault whether they appear at the start of the tenancy or while you are staying there.


Always check the place before you occupy it and find out if the previous tenant owned any pets because fleas and ticks could be hiding in the carpet. If there has been a breach of the agreement, immediately take action and negotiate things with the landlord.