4 Questions You Need To Ask Carpet Cleaners Before Hiring Them

What To Ask Carpet Cleaners Before Hiring Them

There are a lot of carpet cleaning companies out there because more and more households or commercial establishments need their services, but you need to consider the fact that not all companies will satisfy you. To avoid getting disappointed because you were not happy with the results, there are significant questions you need to ask before choosing which carpet cleaner you will hire. You should never be afraid to ask questions because it is your right as a customer to get the best service that you need.

Questions you need to askWhat To Ask Carpet Cleaners Before Hiring Them

1. What else am I getting?

You need to ask the company if they have other services.  You also need to find out how long they will take to clean your carpet, what type of process they are going to use, and other extra benefits if you use their service. Some companies will offer an extra special service for cleaning pet urine and odour removal from your carpet. Also, ask if they have carpet protection services to keep your carpet from being stained by urine and developing an odour.

2. Are you going to move the furniture for me?

If you have furniture on your carpet that is too heavy for you to carry, you need to ask them if they will move the furniture for you. Usually, the company will only require you to move small items so you won’t have a hard time preparing for their arrival. This is important if you are living alone and you have no one else to help you with the furniture.

3. Are you aware of eco-friendly carpet cleaning processes? Is that the one you use?

If the company assures you that your carpet is safe for you to lie down on, then that is a good thing. It is important that they are using methods that are both safe and friendly to the environment. The kind of treatment they use should not make you worry about lying down on your carpet after the cleaning is done.

4. What if I wasn’t satisfied with your service?

You need to make sure that the carpet cleaning company will become supportive of you even after they are done cleaning because not all stains will disappear during the first cleaning. The company should be able to offer you another service upon request in case you will still see stains after the first clean.

Our carpet cleaning service will not abandon you and you can contact us again for another cleaning because we understand that not all stains are easy to remove and they are not very nice to see. We offer the best service when it comes to carpet cleaning and we assure you that we have had great success in removing most stains. Just inform us when you want us to come and clean your carpet and we’ll be there.