What To Pack And What Not To Pack When You Move

What To Pack And What Not To Pack When You Move

Moving is one of the most exciting times of your life. At the same time, it can be the most stressful one. Whether you’re moving just across the street, within the city, across the state or abroad, choosing which items you should take with you is not an easy decision. Use this opportunity to organize your stuff and de-clutter. Here are our packing and moving tips to make this change a little easier and less stressful.

What To Pack And What Not To Pack When You Move

If you’re moving across the street or within the city

For a short distance move, you might as well take all your things with you to your new home. A short trip will also make it easy for you to go back and forth, picking up your stuff.

Tip: Even if your move is a short distance, take this opportunity to downsize your personal belongings. It will help get rid of the clutter, and should make your move a lot easier. It will also help you quickly set up and organize your new place.

If you’re moving cross-country

I know it’s hard to decide which items you should take and what to discard, but moving all your stuff into your new place will cost you more. The more stuff you transport, whether you’re using an interstate removalist or doing it yourself, the more money you’ll spend because of the amount and weight.

Tip: Consider selling those large items like out-dated furniture, sporting equipment and things that you hardly use.

If you’re moving abroad

No matter how much you want to take everything with you, bringing them to your destination is not a good idea since it will be very expensive. Ask yourself if these things will be quite useful for you when you move abroad.

Tip: Make someone happy and donate some of your things to charity. You can also earn a few dollars by selling some of your used but good condition items. Only take items that hold value for you, perhaps pictures, letters and some cultural items that would be difficult to find in your new place.


CC Image Courtesy of David Boyle on Flickr