What You Can Do To Keep Bed Bugs Away

What You Can Do To Keep Bed Bugs Away

Many people do not give much thought to keeping their mattress, upholstery and carpet clean until they start to experience discomfort in their very own home. Bedbug problems can happen to anyone.  Protect yourself from their bites and ward off home infestations with these helpful tips.

Bedbugs are tiny creatures that are not easy to spot. To keep them away, it’s important for you to know their favourite hiding spots where they lurk and multiply.

What You Can Do To Keep Bed Bugs Away

  • Mattresses

Isn’t it creepy that you’re not sleeping alone in your bed? Yes, bed bugs can infest and live on your mattress and this is their favourite hiding place.

  • Carpets

If you don’t regularly clean your carpet, you might be surprised to find that you’re already infested by bedbugs. They love your carpet fibres.

  • Upholstery and Furniture

The seams and cracks of your upholstery and furniture are also favourable environments for bedbugs to live in and multiply. Bedbugs are just waiting to get you whenever you relax and sit on your couch.

  • Bedding and Blankets

When was the last time you changed your bedding? If you haven’t washed it for months and you’ve been itching, it’s about time to get them in your washing machine at the very least.

Learn to fight against bedbugs:

  • Vacuum your mattress – Change your beddings and sheets at least every week and wash them at a high temperature. You can also take advantage of the nice weather and sunshine to let your sheets dry outside.
  • Don’t eat in your bed – Isn’t it sweet having breakfast in bed? Just make sure to clean up afterwards. It’s also not a good idea to constantly bring your food to your bed. The crumbs that fall off are a great attraction to insects and pests.
  • Regularly clean your carpet – A clean carpet means a healthy home. Steam cleaning removes dirt, debris and other soil particles that make your carpet a bug’s favourite spot. It’s advisable to vacuum your carpet at least every other day and have it steam-cleaned by a professional cleaner.
  • Routine maintenance for your mattress – Vacuuming, though necessary daily, is never considered as deep cleaning. Your bed needs professional mattress cleaning every year. Call Bond Cleaning Australia for all your carpet and mattress cleaning needs.


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