What You Should Know Before Moving Into A Shared House

What You Should Know Before Moving Into A Shared House

Many people opt to live in shared houses for various reasons. Some are moving out from their parent’s home for the first time. Others are moving to a different city for a fresh start. Some also choose this option to save on rent. No matter what their reasons are, living in a shared house can be a wonderful experience and who knows, your flatmates can become your best friends.

Living in shared houses may have great advantages to you but it can also create a conflict with your flatmates at some point. So before you take the plunge for your next journey, read on to learn a few things you need for a smooth household relationship.

What You Should Know Before Moving Into A Shared House


Every person is unique. Your housemates may have different views, beliefs or hobbies from you. Learn to respect his choices.  You also have to respect their privacy, space and belongings to avoid household conflict.

Think about your actions if they will affect your housemates. Will your loud music, eating their food or borrowing their stuff bother them?

Share the chores

Cleanliness is essential for a healthier home. Sharing the chores can be one of the toughest things to face when living in a shared house. Some people may have different expectations about what’s clean and what’s not.

Arrange a schedule of the chores for each individual to make sure that everyone shares responsibility. Make sure to always clean up after you’re done with communal areas. Don’t expect them to wash your dishes.  Don’t leave your mess lying around the house for weeks.

Handling the rent and bills

Money can be a major issue when living in a shared house.  It can actually turn friends to enemies.  Discuss the paying of bills with your housemates, like how and when it should be paid. Share the responsibility of paying bills, so everyone has an idea on how to split the household expenses.  Whoever pays the bill should present a receipt from the bank and real estate agents.

If you’ve made up your mind to stay in a shared house and will be moving soon, get yourself ready by reading up on packing and moving tips. You need to plan the details of your move and start packing early to make adjusting to this change easier.


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