When to Clean Your Oriental Rugs

When to Clean Your Oriental Rugs

An Oriental rug is an attractive addition to your house. It brings elegance with a touch of character for living spaces. In order to keep your rugs in excellent condition, proper cleaning and maintenance are important.

When to Clean Your Oriental Rugs

If you don’t remember the original colour of your Oriental rug, chances are it’s quite filthy, and you need to have it cleaned. Oftentimes, you cannot see how dirty your Oriental rug already is. Its design and colour conceal dust and dirt, and it’s hard to tell if it needs urgent cleaning. When these contaminants and particles settle deep down the fibres, it can damage your precious rug when left untreated.

Her are a few tips to check how dirty your rug is:

  • Lift the rug off the floor and kick the centre of your rug. If a cloud of dust appears, it’s time to have it cleaned.
  • Rub your hand on the surface of the rug for several seconds. If you see your palm covered with grime, it’s time for your rug to be cleaned.

There are also several ways to keep your Oriental rug as clean as possible.

  • Have a shoes-off policy at home. Make sure to remove outdoor shoes before walking across your rug to avoid dirt setting in your rug’s fibres.
  • Regular vacuuming will also do the trick to keep your rug from dust, dander and soil particles. Do this frequently especially for high traffic areas. Vacuum both the underside and top of the rug.
  • Have it professionally cleaned at least every year. Although there are some rugs that you may wash yourself, a professional rug cleaning service will keep your expensive rug in great condition and help extend its life.

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CC Image Courtesy of Jessica Spengler on Flickr