Which Comes First: Carpet Stretching Or Cleaning?

Which Comes First: Carpet Stretching Or Cleaning?

Once a carpet is installed in your home, there are many other things to consider aside from just keeping it clean. There are some occasions when your carpet at home or in the office becomes loose, lumpy or baggy which is unpleasant to see.  It’s not just unsightly, but it can also cause you or someone else to trip when you walk across the affected area.

Maybe it’s time to re-stretch your carpet to get rid of those wrinkles. But in situations like these, we always have this question in mind. Which should come first? Should I clean the carpet before stretching, or stretch first before cleaning?

Which Comes First: Carpet Stretching Or Cleaning?

Cleaning a Wrinkled Carpet

Imagine yourself cleaning a wrinkled carpet. Vacuuming can be difficult, and it’s impossible to get a thorough cleaning as the carpet tends to bunch up. Thus, calling a professional carpet cleaner when your carpet hasn’t been stretched is a waste of money.

Stretching your Carpet

It’s important to address this problem as soon as you noticed “waves” or “wrinkling” on your carpet.  The main objective of carpet stretching is to prevent premature wear, reduce tripping accidents, and improve the unpleasant appearance of the affected carpet.

Carpet stretching usually involves taking the carpet up around the edges and stretching it using a carpet stretching machine followed by re-fitting the carpet then trimming it off.

Stretch your Carpet and Clean it Afterwards

It’s wiser to have your carpets stretched before having it cleaned because cleaning the carpet in its wrinkled state might not give a great result. When the carpet is stretched properly, you don’t have to worry about your carpet getting wrinkles again after cleaning.

Whether you are in need of carpet cleaning, carpet repair or stretching, call our technicians at Bond Cleaning Australia to help your carpet prolong its life. Your carpet will be damage-free, clean and fresh.


CC Image Courtesy of sylvar on Flickr