Your Carpet Choice And Your Personality Style

Your Carpet Choice And Your Personality Style

Every decision you make gives an impression about you. The same idea applies when you pick out interior decorations for your home. The type and colour of carpet you choose can tell people about you and your personality style.

Your Carpet Choice And Your Personality Style

Your choice of carpet colours

Choosing a carpet with warm colours gives an impression that you are both smart and cautious. These can be placed in rooms with cooler shades of colours creating balance. If the carpet you choose has cool colours, it will convey that you are both artistic and thoughtful. This will also make the room look bigger and give an impression that you are a good planner. People who love the beach and like to spend time by the sea like this type of carpet to get rest and inspiration. If the carpet you chose has bold colours, it shows you are confident and assertive.

Your choice of rugs

Oriental rugs are elegant and timeless. This type of carpet shows you may be adventurous but you also believe in preserving tradition. Persian rugs, meanwhile, make your house look more sophisticated and can make your place more expensive if you are trying to sell it unless, you’d like to take the carpet with you.

If you have rugs that you made from old fabric or you made yourself, you’re showcasing your creative and skillful side. You like a personal touch in the things around you and you like your own style.

A well-maintained carpet

Even if you have very good taste in choosing carpets and furniture, failing to clean and maintain them will make you look careless. You can have all the money to buy nice things, but if you do not care for them, it will not say anything good about you.

Remember to take care of your carpet because it can give an impression about you. Carpets also help make your place more beautiful and comfortable. Contact carpet cleaning experts like Bond Cleaning Australia to give your carpet the thorough cleaning it needs.


CC Image Courtesy of Sean on Flickr